High Quality, Low Energy Requirement Passive Solar Homes
Low Energy Homes
In the Foothills of the Adirondacks
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Low Energy Homes
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A Different Kind of Warmth

Low Energy Homes

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All About A.A.E's Passive Solar Homes

A Different Kind of Warmth

Our Unique Homes Can Be Built in Many Different Styles
  • We design, engineer and market a unique concept incorporating
    proper solar orientation, a superior 6-sided insulation envelope and a large air integrated thermal mass system.
  • Our unique homes can be built in whatever size, shape and style you desire, i.e., contemporary, saltbox, traditional, etc.
  • Insulated and sealed on all six sides with 4" of polyisocyanurate (foam board) yielding a performance level of R38, 7 to 9 times higher than typical new homes.
  • Customer SatisfactionAn integral air handling system powered by a small fan gathers air at the peak of the house and pulls it down an airshaft to be delivered, through a grid work of pipes, buried in a heavy (70-100 ton) mass storage system under the lowest floor, and back to the house interior perimeter.
  • Air Quality: Healthy high winter humidity levels of 45-50 % are maintained at all times.  Filtration 3 times per hour of all indoor air eliminates most dusting. Steady temperatures changing only 4 - 6 F. in 24 hours because of mass tempering.
  • Self-regulating system allows owners to leave for any winter months by simply turning the key, the house will never freeze. Excellent for a second home or ski lodge. Retired people enjoy the constant warmth, maintenance free operation and minimal fuel bills.
  • AAE has built over 300 Low Energy Requirement homes across
    30 years in 15 eastern states.

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Would You Like a Lifetime of Energy Savings?
Today you can build a Low Energy Home for little more than the price of conventional construction yet have a lifetime of energy savings. It is the most cost effective investment you will ever make. Contact us today for more information. Save on Home Heating Costs
Passive Solar Homes Passive Solar Homes Passive Solar Homes
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Passive Solar Homes

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  • American Solar Energy Society
  • Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

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